Nov 6, 2017

Just Move Forward

My friend Erica posted on Facebook last night that there would be a new Body Combat class starting in the morning at 5:30 AM – 
I got excited-
Time change makes it easy to get back into the early morning exercise routine
With my hubby out of town a group class would make it fun-
-While she posted ‘Body Combat’ 
I read -‘Body Pump’ 

Body Pump uses weights, and I’ve done it quite a bit – 
I was excited to go
But when I got to class, nobody was setting up – 
There were no benches 
No bars 
Just a bunch of women standing around 
I thought “these poor girls they don’t know what to do”
And I started to grab some weights – 
Erica said “Hey Heather, this is Combat...”
And then it hit me 

Combat was One of the first classes I took five years ago 
when I decided to take charge of my healt
That really bad class that made me cry
The class that made me say I can’t 
That made me feel like I wasn’t good enough – 

Granted- it wasn’t necessarily the class 
It was the space in my head. 
And when Erica said “this is Combat”
It made all those memories come flooding back

I want to tell you if you are at the beginning
Something as simple as a little class can make you feel like you can’t
I’m here to tell you 
You can

Did I kill it in class today?
Not hardly
But I’m in a better place
I’m not so worried about what others are thinking of me
(First of all they’re not)
I’m not self conscious of the crazy that is me 
Just thankful for the work that my body can do

The class was great
I will be sore
Erica’s approach to the newness of it was brilliant
During a difficult choreography of punching and kicking 
She said “Your body doesn’t sense your confusion, your body only realizes that you’re moving” 

I loved her for saying this
For telling us to just go with it
To just move forward 

Don’t stop because you’re not good at something 
Don’t stop because you think you can’t 
Just move forward 
Wether that be adding on another mile 
Going to that challenging class 
Trying something new 
Being brave by going it alone
Just move move 
Move out of your comfort zone 
Test yourself – 
You’ll be surprised 
There really isn’t anything that you can’t do  
Just try 
Don’t quit 
Keep moving forward 

Oct 28, 2017

It just might be laundry day

Goodness I just had to run- anybody else get the bug, even though you are stuck in the rut of non-running- have no business being on the road for lack o said running annnnnnnnnnnd....
It’s laundry day

Yep that was me... 
so so so sos sos sos
Yes, that is a cry for help... 
because I only had those cute spandexy leggings that you buy because they make you feel like a million bucks 
Only to get home to the reality that you should not be out in those things... and relegate them to pj status
That’s what was on the docket for running attire
Or jeans
Ladies and Gentlemen
I’m so glad this happened to me

Because I threw those puppies on
And went out and ran

And it was fabulous and wonderful
And it made me wonder
If every time I’ve snickered silently as I drove past someone in a not so hot running choice 
Maybe,  just maybe,  it’s laundry day

Can we just run with that from now on?!?!? 
Laundry day can cover a multitude of sins

And free us up to high five everyone for getting out 
Because it feels so good to get out!

I hadn’t run in a while- but it felt so good to just go
The sky was perfect
And my route is getting a little more familiar 
I still use photography as an excuse to stop
It seems like the right thing to do

Selfie? Why not—i cant hardly breath, I’m sucking air like crazy- that smile really is just me inhaling for all I’m worth.. 
but it is fun
Fun to get the bug to run and lace up

Who knows when the next one will be
I have this uncanny knack of jinxing myself with a blog post, 
But one thing’s for sure
The laundry’s done

You can thank me later...


Jul 22, 2017

Cabin run

Want to see some gorgeous pics?

There's something about the cabin that makes me want to get out and run! 
Here's some pics from last nights "run" 
It wasn't a "real" run- because it was mostly walking- but I'm calling it a run because I ran home from the top - so I wouldn't be gone to long.
Next time I take this road- I'm running the whole thing- i want to get farther up! 

I love how the roads here curve, begging you to go a little further

Love the wildflowers

Love the coolness that comes as you find yourself surrounded by treesLove the sky and how it changes 

Love the birds and chipmunks singing me on or chastising me for being in their territory

Love being by myself soaking it all in

This is where its at. 
Just get out and see where the road takes you
Take a pic to share, talk about it- inspire someone to go further.

Jun 20, 2017

The day after

I shouldn't be blogging about this. 
I'm hoping it doesn't jinx me
But hubs and I have started back at the working out thing. 

We just came back from Cali
And isnt' there something about California that gets your mind thinking---
Maybe it's the sun the sand and the waves. I don't  know- 
but here we are, driving back that long trek back from Cali to New Mexico, 
and we're chatting about being more consistent with our health goals.
Now mind you, hubs has no trouble with consistency and discipline and all that jazz
It's me...I'm such a goooooooood snoozer in the mornings 
I mean deep restful restorative things are happening at 4:45 in the morning. 
And that's when we need to be getting up and working out.

I'm thinking this is why some of that beauty is missing in my sleep.... hmmmmmmm

Isn't it the absolute funniest thing to see someone working out on their day 1?!?!
(Insert laughing/crying emoji) 

That was us

We were in it to win it! 
The workout was great
Harder than i thought it would be

But let's be honest, you don't merely take time off and come back from it unscathed

So fast forward to today

Yeahhhhhhhhhh- it's a yoga day
And I only made it through half.... 
So so funny- but it feels good to feel sore

Chat with me!!!!!
What did you do yesterday, and what did you follow it up with today?!?!?!

Finding what works and working it...balance and accountability

Part of me feels a little guilty for picking this blog back up again, and a little nervous.
But I've thought about it, 
It brings me joy and a little bit of personal accountability
And I'm a sharing kind of gal..... so if you want to come along for the ride- buckle up

There's something quite fun about finding what works

Have I arrived?  Haha nope- but I've got so many good peices to the puzzle in place, I feel it's high time i share.

But mostly these next few weeks I will hone in on the idea of Balance- 
so I will be talking about these areas
Clean eating

I'll share what I've learned or am learning along the way- mostly a personal diary of sorts. 

Today my devotions really hit me hard. 
I'm a little put out (sarcasm) because I've simply been trying to instill daily devotions in my youngest Molly so the past week or so I've been sitting down and using the simple idea of S.O.A.P. With her.
S- Scripture-- write out the passage that spoke to you from your reading
O- Observe --what jumped out at you
A- Apply- how can you apply this in your life
P- Prayer- write a prayer for the day with an emphasis on what you learned

The past few weeks have been filled with easy applications and feel good thoughts for the day
Today I open to James and decide to read in James 2- verses 14-17 jump out at me. I think maybe i should find another passage to read, but realize this was meant for me today. 

It talks about seeing people's needs and merely saying a trite response like "praying" or "God's got this!" And walking on our way untouched. 

How many times a day do we comment under a post that asks us to pray 
"Praying" and scroll past without the prayer said? 

How many times do we see a need that we can help, but do nothing
Arggggg so convicted.

It was a month or two ago i promised myself to never again comment "praying" but rather "praying right now" and stopping and praying for the immediate need

I now find that I need to work on so much more. 

The passage is an illustration on faith and works.
And doesn't it hit home 

Balance in my life must have more of both

Jan 11, 2017


Hello January! 
Here we are nearly halfway through it. 
I feel like the New Mexico weather is working it's blustery magic on my calendar and blowing through the days.

Hubs is traveling more lately, so I feel like we count weeks by when he's home.
He's my workout buddy too, and I feel it when he's gone, fighting to keep momentum up in his absence.

Today it would be a lunch run.

Everything felt right except the weather. 
Wind on wind.
But I didn't care
I'm realizing that if I want it- I've got to stop making excuses and just go.

So glad I did 
It was wonderful. 


Jan 1, 2017

I give up and give in

I give up

It's been months now- seeing a footpath on the side of the road and having this feeling that I should be on it. 


Driving, and finding myself thinking this road would make a good run route

Measuring time in how many miles I could have run... 

Oh me- 

I think I'm a runner
It makes me laugh- I'm not one to describe myself in sporting terms- 
Like I'm some athlete or something- but here I am wishing I was that girl I just passed jogging it up the hill....

Surely this is some weird cold weather induced phase

I stall things by making a list of what I really should pick up before embarking on this whole running thing again... 

Things like socks- 
yeah I'm out (my kids realized I bought the good stuff and slowly started stealing them- then losing just one of each pair they stole) 

I've got one pair of running shoes left- I really think I should have two... 

Silliness like this- 
Then I realized I used to run in my hubby's sweats and cast off T-shirts what was I stallng for?!?!! 

I finally just said it out loud
"I'm going for a run"

I think I said it with a lot of conviction, hubs was like "Ok..."

Best decision ever.

It felt a little wonky- but not bad- 3.8 miles weren't as lovely as I'd imagined- but I didn't hate it- and it felt good running an old familiar route. 


I've decided I love the telling of it too- and snapping a pic when I need to catch my breath- 
Do you mind if I throw a post or two down every now and again? 
I think I need this- 


Sep 9, 2016

Pine Needles

It hardly seems possible that it's barely been a month.
We've already made more memories as a fam here than any other place.

Our first house with a name...
Pine Needles

We'd tent camped every year here in the area, and every year taken long drives looking...5 summers spent in this ritual. Nothing ever seemed just right.
But this year was different. 
Maybe it was the lake, or the feeling that our kids were growing too fast.
For whatever reason
This was our year. 

The houses and cabins on our road all have names. Given to them after the wildfires had come through and reminded them that there was no way to really tell who was what and where. I love the names of our neighbors' places... 
Names like Bear Path and Pine Cone... 
Ours is Pine needles... 

There's a chill in the air. Fall is coming. The humming birds are filling themselves up to the brim at the feeder. Chipmunks quarrel with the bluebirds over the peanuts the kids throw out.

We sit and take it all in. 
We are quick to be thankful.

So thankful.

Sep 8, 2016

I've thought about picking this blog back up again for a while.

I feel a bit like a cheater if I do, as I'm not running long distances lately. 
I do miss the running, maybe blogging will pull me back into logging some miles. I do miss the diary effect this blog served for so long. 

So here we are. 

Why not?

Thursday, September 8th, 2016
Today I made wild rice for lunch. 

I think in my book that means it's officially fall. 
My mom had this great tradition of making wild rice soup. 
She's the Minnesota mom you wish you had. 
2 parts hardcore and 99% love. 
yeah that makes no mathmatical sense, but neither does mothering- You just go for it with all your might and hope to not mess things up. 

But, I digress, today we're talking wild rice, and I DID mess things up. 
I'm out of butter, no cream to be had, no ham....

So I just boil it till they pop- please tell me everyone does this---- if you don't boil that wild rice til it pops, you are flat missing out. 

I'm searching the cupboard for something to finesse it- find an opened package of stroganoff seasoning (yes- I know that's disgusting... I bought it in a moment of weakness, opened it a few weeks ago, and thought better of it---- put it back in the cupboard for a desperate day--- and today is that day)

I throw the chunky powder into the rice... 
now it needs something to help that... milk? 
dump.... stir...
cheese is in order to cut the saltiness of the fake stroganoff taste
yes cheese is salty too----that's why I added yet more milk... 

Italian seasoning? Check.
Red wine vinegar? Check......

by now the pantry has been exhausted by my scrambling and pawing. 
I'm exhausted by my lack of return for effort. 

One stringy plateful served.

Good thing hubby's out of town and doesn't have to choke this down
Good thing I don't have to cook dinner tonight
Kids don't care, right?!?!
Think I can pull it off?
I can hear molls now.....

Feb 23, 2016

You are powerful you are strong

Ok folks

Can you hear it?

"You are powerful! You are strong!"

My running buddy yelled it to me as I lagged behind at the bottom of the hill on one of our runs.

I hear it every time I run now
Sometimes I roll my eyes
Sometimes I giggle

But once or twice 
When running alone

I've whispered it to myself....

"You are powerful- you are strong!"

And then smile the biggest toothy grin I can hardly muster
On account of my protecting them from kicked up road gravel, bugs and all

Ever had a friend that really ought to be a coach?

I have one- 
There was the run where she added on an extra quarter mile for kicks and giggles annnnnd so we could give that final push and run it in...
Lover her for it.

I started this post 6/16/14
Should have finished it sooner... 
should have posted it and tagged her
But I fell off running.
Never quite told her how much it meant

The new year had her packing up
Job moved the family away... 

But don't feel sorry for me. 
We still chat- 
Told her I was starting back in
And wouldn't you know it...
She's still golden
We'll be throwing down some miles together a thousand miles apart. 

Powerful stuff...

Feb 20, 2016

It's been ages and days...
Since 2014 to be exact
That's a lifetime ago-right?
Or was it just yesterday.

Yep- 2014
The year
I hung up my running shoes
And called it quits.
I was tired

Life was happening
I needed to regroup

I had it in my mind that a runner
Had to log hours

I hid
Behind new things
Like smoothies

Good things
Like weights

But my running friends
Still called me friend
As if I'd never left

Kept me up on races
And the bragging rights of winter training
I was in awe

I missed being a part
Of it all

So today I ran
And it was marvelous

It's good to be back.

Jun 17, 2014

New trail

My little man cub had football conditioning tonight.

I raised my hand at the dinner table and said 

"I'll take you! Pick me pick me!!!"

I knew it meant guilt free running time for me

I wore my new trusty running skirt sans capris- it was hot and I'm over being self conscious of the whole legs out thing... 

Deposited man cub at practice, 
And off I went- 

First stop- the park
It has a nice half mile path and lots of trees 

The run was easy 
People were happy 
Picnicking, playing 
I soaked it in
Legs out

Feeling almost confident
See my granny tan?!?
That's what I get for wearing capris allllll the time!

I ran that a few times, but soon tired of the rat race a half mile loop affords- 

I headed back
I thought I'd run the college
But as I neared, 
I saw this foot path 

I'd seen it before and always wondered
Today I'd find out where it went


The footpath led to a full blown trail

The trail lay just outside Pinion Hills Golf course
I couldn't believe it

I ran as long as I could 
Till the clock called me back

It's going to be a great summer...
Yep it sure is

Jun 15, 2014

Flip a switch and go on a Dark Run-

So I have this thing called a marathon coming up

I swear it's my last

And since technically you only have one shot at running your last marathon
I've got to do this one right.

I was going to complain about how I'm not motivated
And already burnt out on running
Although I don't know how I could be burnt out when
I'm not even running
Pity me
blah blah blah

But last night around 9:30pm

A switch flipped
Annnnnnnd there it was
I got the running bug
Holy hallelujah
That's what I'm talking about

So excited
There was nothing left to do but get geared up and head out
For a dark run

Now there's something about a dark run
Even better if the dark is at night

Morning runs are meticulously planned
I don't remember the last time 
I accidentally woke up at 4 
And decided to randomly head out to run

But a night run?
Now that's a bit of heaven 

There's something spontaneous
You don't plan
They just happen

Born out of desperation
A night run is nothing but a show of sheer will 

I rushed around, tucking kids in 
Promising hubby I'd hurry

And then I ran
It got that feeling you get when you 
Get crazy and let your kiddos open just one present on Christmas Eve

That was me
Getting crazy
Grinning from ear to ear


Jun 13, 2014

Lost and found

Ok guys
Here's the rub
I have forever--- and I mean forever
Been one to be thoughtful of other runners
Not just runners either, come to think of it
I've been thoughtful of the whole human race
And maybe dog or two that might happen to care

But not anymore


I've gone shameless

And I blame it on the cleaning lady.

It all started innocently enough
The family packed up for a fun trip

I packed everything but the kitchen sink
Trusty capris and running skirt that have been with me since day one-

I know this-
Because I vaguely remember unpacking them
And putting them into the drawers at our hotel

But the second day into our vacay
They're gone
No capris. No running skirt.
I rummage through everyone else's drawers-my suitcase
Did the cleaning lady gank it or what?

Lucky for me, there's a Target


I rummage through their running stuff
Try on a gazillion capri and running skirt combos
(that's a lie- they had 2 running skirts and 3 capri styles to choose from)
Choke down the bill
And head back to the hotel.

New running gear feels funny

But I had been informed via Facebook, that it was national running day
I had a reputation to keep.

Kids and I headed to the rec center
Up the stairs to the track

We ran all of 4 laps
When this nice lady tells us no kids are allowed

We head back to the hotel and swim
I try to console my inner runner by trying my hand at water running
That was weird

2 hours of said "running" later,
I'm done
(it was probably more like 45 minutes when you add in the kid dunking and such, but who's counting?)

Fast forward to the next morning
I want to go for a run
Go to grab my newly acquired running gear
You guessed it


But nope-
No capris 
Just that silly running skirt,

Those of you that know me 
It took me nearly 37 years to go sleeveless
Going capri-less?
I never let my legs hang out
This is too much

But I did.

It. was. scary.

And while it's not in my comfort zone
It was comfortable

I'd been wearing so many layers for so long
To hide the world from seeing my imperfect fluffy-ness

When what I was really hiding from was myself. 

To be fair:
No capris were ganked by cleaning ladies
It took me nearly a week to find them 
Innocently hanging out among the travel laundry

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Jun 7, 2014

I need to see you out there- that is all

Hey you--

Old guy with the fanny pack and white sneakers trucking up that hill, arms swinging 

Teenie bopper short shorts running to 'be seen'

Stroller momma, with your magician like slight of hand reaching to reinsert a pacifier without so much as a hiccup in your stride

Big guy catching your breath at the light
Willing yourself to cross the road rather than turn back toward home

Faster than fast couple training together
At record pace

Inspire me

Please don't stop

I need to see you 
Fighting to not quit
Smashing personal goals
Out there

That is all

May 13, 2014

Shiprock race report-

Shiprock Marathon Report
So remember Shiprock last year?
Hot and bare
The beauty of a culture
Seeing mile upon mile
The quiet calm
The first time mileage scared me
Read that report here
When this year's race popped up as a black Friday discount-
I hit send
And entered the full
But 20 weeks later
Found myself reconsidering that impulse buy, and exchanged it for the 1/2
Glad I did
This year
I knew where to go for packet pick-up
But hitched a ride offered by Violinrunning
This year 
I remembered to take a pic of the bloodsausage stand
She and I had a good laugh
When she said: "It's probably the best bloodsausage from the back of a blue Taurus you'll ever have"

Too bad we didn't get any, 
On account of: 
Her being vegetarian, 
Me being... Well...
We got to the expo
Oh my!!!!
They put the tents up on the pavement this year!
I knew this was a sign of good things to come

Violinrunning and her puppy Sentry at packet pickup
Packet pickup was a breeze
Almost too easy
We wandered the tents for a minute or two,
Then headed back to our car
It was a little anti-climactic for me...
I needed something to make it more of a deal.
So we did- nice expo tent for a party hat (can you see Shiprock?)

Here's a better shot
I never tire of it.
If you haven't been out this way
Put it on your bucket list
Take a drive
Sign up for a race 
It's amazing

Friday night had me laying out gear for an early start
I was to pick up my brother-in-law (aka Marathon Mike) to run his 30th marathon 
And violinrunning to run the first leg of the relay by 4:30am to get them to the start on time.

I loved my number -
I joked that 7to11 had sponsored me,
(and there would be free shlushies after the race)

Alarms worked
We made it with plenty of time to spare

It's so fun carpooling out
Lots of energy
Running banter
Just look at us- giddy with excitement
Marathon Mike is not allowed next to me in anymore selfies--
until he learns how to put on the crazed grin of a true runner---
never mind the bit about this being his 30th marathon...
I look waaaaayyyyy too happy
You'd think it's because I had and hour and a half to nap in the car, while these guys did their  thing

But actually it was because we'd just epic failed our selfie shot

Violinrunning was looking dreamily at mike phone/makeshift flashlight -
Instead of the camera, 
And marathon Mike's head was dangerously close to being cut off
That silly selfie was the perfect send off for those two

After a little snooze in the car
It was my turn
The busses filled
And we were off
It was weird getting on alone
I sat in silence
Listening in on conversations
Friends talking shop on which race they'd run before
Which race they'd planned to run next
And then we stopped
Last year I remember mile 13 and on being a bit boring
Or plain
But here it was
Mile 13
My mile 1
Right next to the rock
It was beautiful
For 45 minutes
I wandered

Looking at it

It was wonderful

Then I heard the race volunteers yell out
"Runner! Clear the road! A runner's coming!"
The first of our marathoners were hitting mile 13
It was so exciting
As a slow runner, I don't get to see much of this
We clapped and cheered
Then went on about our gawking at the rock, and fidgeting with our race gear
A few more runners came
I felt bad,
We were like cattle in the road, 
Big, doe eyed, staring
Moving slowly out of the way

I cringed
Surely this had to hamper them
But no
They flew passed us
A smattering of claps
A cheer from the few that noticed

Then I saw a relay runner
I knew it had to be from Violinrunning's team
She was kicking it!
I got so excited- barely snapped a shot-
Finger's crossed it was part of her team
If it was- I knew they were on fire

Then it was my turn
The start to the half was a bit nonchalant
I kind of liked it
Most of the runners seemed like me
In it for the experience
Rather than the kill
It was nice
One guy I tagged behind
Had his music out
He had earphones on,
But had forgotten to plug them in
His music and some kind of siri sounding pace instructor blaring
It amused me
Then I see a power walker ahead
She's fast 

I hear her cheer to a marathoner as he passed her
"Go honey!"
"You're looking so good!"
She jumped up and down
Thrilled to see him pass

He high fived her
And said
"See you at the finish!"

Made my day
On I ran

Band played a few miles ahead

I made sure to stick to my planned pace 
Waiting for mile 5 
I don't know why mile 5
But that's what I told myself I'd do

Mile 5 came
It had me had me so happy
I felt great
I was running sloppily to a really bad rendition of Footloose I'd found on itunes
It was the right pace
So I had it on repeat 

And that was that
Slow and steady

If you're a slow runner and you want to run Shiprock

Run the half
You're never alone
Panic over pace doesn't even factor into your stride
And as faster marathoners pass, you have little time to get bogged down in your own
It stays fresh
no mile upon mile of nothing
Let me rephrase
The marathon is honestly a prettier run
Shiprock is ahead of you pulling you the first 13 miles
If you are a slow runner- you will be alone the last half
Scenery for the half has your start right at the rock,
Race scenery is pretty dry and barren
But you are never alone 

Then mile 6 hit,
And I got tired
(I actually thought it was around mile 8-
But I just did the math--- and it was mile 6----
I told myself that was dumb
How could I be tired? 
Time for some mind games
1/2 off mileage was up first
It cracks me up
When I get tired I start cutting miles in half
Only 5 left turns into only 2.5 of an out and back training run
How bad can that be?
That kept me going for awhile
Til I saw a crowd up ahead 

I realized it was mile 20

I don't know why I kept using marathon mileage

For me it was only mile 7

When I realized that
It made it worse

Only mile 7?!??

But there they all were
A tunnel of people cheering us through
Waiting for their relay partners to shuttle through

I knew once I hit that- I'd be turning on to the highway

The dreaded 
Mile 21

Marathon Mike had passed out one year here
It's like a ghost of a mile

But today was ok
I passed it
People around me

Tired but not scared

Then I heard my name

It was Mike- 
He'd caught up to pass me

"Did you see what we just passed?!"
He said with a look of victory
Pointing to mile 21

I congratulated him
And snapped a pic to commemorate
His first time back 

He passed with a wave
And I slowed my pace a bit

The road was starting to get hot
The fumes from the cars and semi
Were getting to me

I strained to see how far down the road til the finish turn

But couldn't see it

I ran from billboard to billboard
Getting sick at the sights:
McDonald's with a plastic looking picture of breakfast
Burger King
Why so many fast food billboards Shiprock?


Then I saw my power walking gal
Still going strong

She's in front of the purple gal in the blue shorts with white trim

Still smiling too
I need to try that
Both the smiling and power walking
But I was fading
I saw a little family up ahead 
Cute little red haired toddler 
Watching the big rigs go by,
While his mom cheered runners on

Then I realized 
That's B!!!!
It was a Kindermusik kiddo of mine
I was giddy
Oh I had to stop and say hi!
So I did

I was way too happy 
And chatted too long
But I couldn't help it
The heat was setting in
And seeing their kind faces made things better

And that's all the pics I took


I did finish
It wasn't pretty
The last leg into the finish shoot was more paved this year than last

There was that

I was feeling weird
I felt like I was going into a tunnel
I wanted to panic
But couldn't
No heaving chest

No adrenaline rush

Just this slow shallow

I had to walk-
I knew something was off

As I rounded the corner to the finish 
I picked up my pace to a shuffle
And ducked through

Marathon Mike's wife snapped a pic
(She's texted and emailed it to me three times, 
But for some reason it won't come through
I'm glad though- I was rough)

I sat and ate an orange-
Why were they cut in half and not in quarters? 
I could merely squeeze the juice out

And then I got up and hurled
My first thought was
Wow! I must be a real runner!
Then I hurled 3 more times
And realized the heat got me

All I'd wanted was to
See the awards ceremony

I could hear it going on in the next tent over, but couldn't will myself to get up 

Turned out I was right
ViolinRunning's team took first!
I love knowing a winner
Read her race report here. (OK- so she hasn't posted one yet--- let's all hound her!)

First place relay team
 Violinrunning is in the middle

their group with Miss Navajo

It's been a crazy week since the race
I feel great
I have one more race in my in-basket
I'm learning so much about life through the past few races
They've been rough
But good for me
You see
I'm beginning to understand
There's nothing more impacting
Than the day-in and day-out commitment to a thing.
That's true in every area of life
No short cuts
No last minute fixes
No time like the present
To put in the effort that pays off down the road
That's what I needed
Thanks Shiprock......